Thursday, 30 June 2011

The start of a new life.

I woke up and tried to regain my vision, once I did I saw my doll and yesterday regained a place in my memory.

Instantly I sat upright and looked towards my doll reaching over towards her determined I gripped the fabric tightly and dragged her towards me.

"OI" I called out sevral times until I relised I had somewhat lost my voice my entire mouth was dry.

"" I muttered quietly still too weak to speak loudly, where was mystery why didn't she wait for me to awaken.
I felt the doll nuge in my arms and looked down towards it.

'Don't grip so tightly!' I heard in my head

"who are you?" I replied

'don't be such a moron little lullaby listen closely as I say this I'm the one you shoved into this doll and expelled from your body...'

I looked closely at the glint in the doll's eyes and if it could smile I think its grin would be perfect.

"D-Dollmaker!?" I cried out pushing the doll away from me I pressed myself close to the wall.

'now lullaby don't be such a fool you know I won't kill you, if your smart you'll know I can't live without you and you cant live without me'

the doll stood upright and walked towards me slowly trying to learn to control this new body.
"don't you dare do anything you'll regret.." I said softly.

she sighed, sounding irrated as she fell.

'stupid body...' Even after all she's done I couldn't help but feel sorry for her.

"H-here" I reached my hand out.

'I don't need your help!' she growled and smacked my hand away.

'If you didn't put me in here to begin with-' 
"But I'm wanted everywhere because of you!"
'humans should learn better, if they think they can just control people like you because your a teenager there insane someone needs to teach them a lesson!' she got up and glared at me.

"I don't hate you" I said 'Even after you killed Jessica, even after everything I don't hate you..but I want to know why"

'Why? Why I killed her, why I killed anyone who got close to you...that is for me to know" she laughed.

"You should know I'm not going anywhere without you!"

'Fine by me, preferred method of transportation has always been my your arms' she chuckled

I reached out and gripped her tightly dragging her towards me.

"Because your still a part of me, that is why I cannot hate you...'

She moved her head to look upwards towards me, 'whatever lullaby, if anyone trys to hurt you I'll still kill them I swear to God if anyone trys to drag you away from me I will never let them live'

What a violent spirit she is, I wonder if there is anyway to make her see the beauty of this world.
'Lets find a way out of here'

I tried getting up to no advial


'damatte kudasai...(shut up, please)"

'If I was a seprate person I would smack you upside the head for that comment...." she said sounding angry

"Don't call me a wimp"

'don't tell me to shut up!'

"are we really going to have this argument?"

'we could if you wish to go on'

"Anyone! please un-chain me..."

A small voice called out 'Lullaby' and I looked around towards the outline figure of a twelve year old girl.

"N-neh can you help me?" I asked.

She nodded.

'I hate her already'


  1. Lullaby~I'm glad you're feeling a little better. I was praying that Mystery would succeed..and it seems she has in that regard. As I was told just a bit ago, stay safe and be watchful.

  2. Defeat the Dollmaker, Lullaby. You can do it.