Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Vancouver to the States.

This is it.
I'm not sure if sitting in this airport, halfway in tears is the best way to leave my home country.
I'm not sure if holding onto myself tightly and curled up is the best way to say goodbye.

But right now it’s all I feel, I know I have to get out, I'm just reflecting thoughts.

Jessica I'm sorry your life ended so violently, I wish I could have protected you better I wish I could hold onto you and just mutter my apologies but your gone, I love you were ever you are.

Mother and father I wasn't the best child I'm sorry if I made a fool out of you sometimes, I swear I tried my best but I guess it's my fault I'm leaving, I got myself into this mess and I'll find a way out and then I'll come home safe and sound. I love you both, I'm so sorry.

Little sister I know the world may seem confusing and you'll question why I'm leaving and I'm sorry I never got to teach you the beauty of this world and I'm sorry if I ever did anything stupid to hurt you, I love you and always will.

To the people in this world forgive me that I'm not like everyone else, but my heart still beats like yours and I still breath like you do so we have the same drive to survive therefore I'm still like you, I still deserve a chance to live, at least give me that.

Dear dollmaker and slenderman, I'm letting you know NOTHING will stop me now, as long as this heart 
keeps beating and as long as I keep breathing I will use every ounce of my strength to make sure I stay alive.

I don't think right now I have room for fear or doubts I have to continue looking ahead.

If there is a ground below me and a sky above me I will forever feel safe.
If there are stars I will forever have a path to guide me.

Keeping this in mind I must be going, he's here to pick me up.

Swallow your fear, and just keep moving.
And I will be there beside you.
I promise
Hope to meet some of you soon.



  1. You're not the only one heading to the US soon. Good luck Melissa, I hope you find a way of beating her.


  2. Keep us posted, Lullaby. If you need anything when you reach the states just inform us. We'll do what we can. Stay safe.