Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Toronto Airport Update.


I hate being surrounded by whiny little three year old's, and teenagers and there group of friends who think they rule the airport.
Not to mention the adults who give me strange looks as if to ask where my parents are.

I hate the fact that I've been kicking around here for three hours listing that damned announcer
announce when each flight is leaving, I also hate this feeling I have in the pit of my stomach, as if I'm going to be sick.

I've been thinking of something to post that may be somewhat of use, as if I could offer that as of now.
Maybe that by tomorrow afternoon I'll be in the states, God knows where but in the states non-the-less

I don’t know why but I keep looking out the window hoping for some sort of comfort.

All I have is this backpack with a few personal items.
I'm quite ok with my outfit, it’s enough to keep me warm yet loose enough to move around in.

I’m running with her inside me, the dollmaker.
And I'm beginning to wonder if this was a good idea all runners please forgive me if anything bad happens I don't want to hurt you that’s the last thing I want.

I've been getting weird looks all day, maybe because I was rushed and wasn't able to do my makeup, I look too simple without makeup it’s irritating.
Apparently I also look younger which is even more irritating.

The lady I sat with on the plane to here was nice, but she talked too much asking me where I was going, where I was from, how old I was and she just kept talking about her grandson.
I just pretended to fall asleep and if I could have hid in the overhead compartment I think I would have.

Now I'm sitting here, leaning against the window just waiting for my plane to be called, Of course I’m terrified after this I'll be headed to the states where I'll be checked by customs what will I say?

I don't have a passport, I don’t even think it is possible that I can come up with a good excuse within a day; they’re going to ship me back to Canada.

No, I can't go back, I need to go forward.

They just called my flight.

Shady..Mystery I hope to be seeing you soon...I hope.


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  1. We will be here. Or, Mystery will be. I have some business to attend to, but I look forward to seeing you. Stay strong, dear.