Friday, 10 June 2011


fuck..I cant see.
It hurts..It hurts..ithurts.

so,much blood.
All I know, all I can see is my ring, my blood stained ring.
My bathroom, my bedroom, my clothing, my arm, my face, all blood stained.
Gone, he's gone.
Still hurts.
Feel cold.

Am I dying?
I'm scared.
It hurts.

it hurts........................


  1. Just breathe. Calm down, look at your surroundings. Familiar, right? It's your home, use that to your advantage. Where are you injured? Is it something you can fix yourself? If so, do it. If not call 911 immediately or get outside to a neighbor. Try your best to adapt to the pain, you're not dead yet. Survive, dear.

  2. csnt mo veee
    no on e here
    hard to type.

    leg hurts, possibl e infectionn
    wrist hurts toooooo

    hard to coooontrol fingerr movementss

    sorry for e ver y th ing.
    s till soo coold.