Sunday, 19 June 2011


Couldn't kill her, I tried.
She tried to kill me, and almost won.

We stood there staring at each other, she wasn't anywhere near any nightmarish image, more like a beautiful angel, hard to imagine.
She almost shone with a white light.

She laughed like a child as she brought the knife down and all I could do was life my arms as a defense.
Blood splatter
extreme pain
more of the sound of flesh ripping.

I took the knife by my hands and turned it on her, (the knife left deep cuts in both my hands) impaling it into her stomach, hearing her scream sent shivers down my spine.
I ripped out the knife and felt the serrated edge tear more of her flesh as I pulled with a upwards pull.
once out I didn't stop, stabbing her again in her shoulder with the same upwards tearing motion.

She smile and grabbed my chest twisting the flesh it in a counter clockwise way, her nails dug into it causing blood to run down her fingers, I winced in pain.
And with that smile she spoke 'This body will be mine'.

She was stronger then what her tiny body looked like.
I gripped her arm and tried pulling her away but she was focused on tearing my skin away from me.
I used the knife on her again, right into her eye.

she instantly pulled away covering her face, screeching in pain, swearing at me.
'You fucking bitch, I'll kill you, I'll fucking kill you, Father..please help father.'

That's when help came in, that's when slenderman came in, and even though he does no have a face he looked pissed.

The last thing I remember is seeing his hands wrapping around my neck and the feeling of a death overcoming me.

I awoke out of breath and terrified my heart beating too fast and my body hurt to much to move.
I'm leaving.
I have to go even if this demon child is inside me I need to find help from someone who can help me rid of her.

I've looked at my map, I'm going to somehow cross the canadian/us border.
I have a girl who's willing to drive me to the border although she say's I'll have to get my own way from there.
That's perfectly fine.
She's going to pay for my plane ticket, then she will take me straight to the border.

I'm scared of what's going to happen from here on in.
But I do have to leave.

I may go to New Jersey, Possibly New York.
To Mystery and Shady be on the look out for me, you may or may not see me.

Joel and Lucas, we may cross paths.

This is it.
Even with the doll maker I must go forward.
I can't risk killing anyone I know well.

Father, Mother forgive me, I know I am not the daughter you've always asked for but up to this point I have tried my hardest.
Sister, I love you, you may not understand why I am gone, but understand I have to leave.

Slenderman, Dollmaker, Proxies.


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  1. Oh god. I'm sorry Melissa. Hopefully next time you'll be able to beat her.

    Keep surviving.