Sunday, 5 June 2011

Impossible..not a word in my dictionary.

Nor is it in the bible
Ive asked over and over again
 why I think the way I think
Or why I do the things I do.

If you believe in God or not is your choice.
I'm starting to read the bible again.
Hoping in some way to get strength
Maybe give me some sort of new found hope and light something this world of darkness need's.
I feel I've been praying empty handed lately, The truth is I want God in my life and he does not want much from us except love for him.
Maybe this is a turn off for you, I don't know if you care or not, but this could just be a rambling through of a 16-year-old who can hardly sleep.
''All things are possible" -Luke 18:27

Could it be that if I am loaded down or hurt or confused or sad or overburdened or angry that God can help me?
Can I believe this truly?
After Jessica..After slenderman...after proxies and hollowed after watching fear itself invade my dreams and tear me apart?

Could I believe in a new hope and light?
Only one way to tell.
I don't know if you believe in God or a God for that matter, I don't know if you want scriptures in the recent post there for I won't do it, wont place scriptures in my updates.

I guess God is my own personal choice, therefore I won't force this upon you.


  1. When I was a child I was forced to believe in God before I knew what believing in God meant. When I finally gained my own ability to think, I figured out that religion has it all wrong. I was content in believing in /a/ God, without worrying about falling into particular ideologies of God.

    Now...I'm not so sure.

    Unless what I've been dealing with is God all along. But I'd rather not get into it.

    Regardless, I find something admirable about this. You have something to look to for guidance, and whether or not this brings you to safety, at least it's there. Sometimes one's convictions don't work as well as they seemed to at first.

    I'm still finding my way, and it's gradually growing harder and harder to hope.

  2. Z: Keep looking, as for how I will feel about this later on life, that will all come soon enough.
    With everything that's happened,Jessica slenderman proxies even in just the world with tornadoes and earthquakes, I need something, someone to look to for advice and a feeling of safety.
    As a child apparently I've always been looking for God, I don't believe I was ever forced into anything at a young age.
    All I can say to you Z, Never give up.

  3. Joel is agnostic and I consider myself a non-conforming Christian.

    My reasoning in believing in God after Slenderman broke it all, is that if this creature that is made of madness, who can do these terrible things, exists. Why not God? Even when everything hurts, I still believe that god exists. I still believe he loves us.

    In Serenity, there's this quote. "I don't care what you believe, as long as you believe in something."

    I think that's what it is.

    I don't care that Joel is not of my faith, because he believes in things other than God. Like friends and family, and lovers. They give him strength when he's hurting in much the same way religion gives me strength.

    As long as you believe in something, you get strength from it.

    Safety to you and good luck on finding Jessica


  4. Lucas: Most people around here are agnostic.
    Another quote my love said to me once before we stopped talking was, "If there is evil in this world then surely there must be some kind of good".
    I Think I'll try to believe in God and pray who heartedly.
    I know Slenderman isn't going away, no matter how hard I pray so all i can do is pray for the strength to go forward.

    I will also pray for ever person I know going through something like this.