Saturday, 4 June 2011

Update on Jessica?


Thats what they told us this morning 3 am, they have an 'idea' on where she is.
I begged to help find her, because its Saturday I could do an all day search.

They said no.
I slept but no dream.
But I'm still so tired, then when I woke up called the police to ask about Jessica.

'Who's Jessica?' My heart stopped. 'Jessica the nine year old who's missing, golden brown hair, went missing yesterday.'

'Let me look at my missing people's files quickly' the lady responded I heard her scrounging around for a book, although it seemed odd not a lot of people go missing around here.

'Jessica, last name? Please'
I told her, I'm sorry but for the sake of Jessica's family I cannot tell you her last name please understand.
'I'm sorry dear there is no one by that name missing'

She was joking right.
she was fucking joking right?
'Well please look one more time, please?'
i heard her sigh heavily and she looked through again.

"I'm sorry dear, there is no one named Jessica missing"

I hung up.

What the Hell is going on!
Just this morning they had a lead, now no one know's that she's even missing.

My mom was happy when I went downstairs, Jessica's mom, my aunt also called and she seemed perfectly fine she actually asked me for some egg's she was going to bake something and had run out.

....Where are you Jessica?
Please tell me, I'm begging you.
Please for the love of God.
Tell me, scream to me that i'm not the only one who rememberer's you.

does Jessica exist anymore?

Did..slenderman... could he have..erased her from existence?
No because I remember her, I remember her beautiful smile and long brown hair, the way she laughed and walked and how she wanted to be a motivational speaker when she grew up.
I Remember Jessica.
I will find her.



  1. There are examples of Him making people forget, and messing with cameras and the likes... It's entirely possible that He erased their memory.

    Apologies Melissa to be the bearer of bad news.


  2. How could they forget Jessica?
    Why would he..
    what would he have done with my baby cousin...
    I will never forgive him.


  3. Just know that you're not alone. Everyone on this whole slender blogosphere has lost something important to them, but don't give up hope. I'm certainly not going to for Jessica.


  4. I can only pray I wont forget her.

    Thank you Joel.
    Thank you.


  5. If you forget her you have these posts to remember, and now we will remember for both of you. You could print out what you have written, make copies of it, and hide them in different places around your home. Both obvious places and very well hidden places. That way, if you forget, you will stumble upon them later and hopefully it will bring back something. If not memories than a drive to learn why you can't remember what you have written.