Friday, 3 June 2011

Nightmare entry 1

Innocent child, she was so naive the way she walked up to him like He was a friend.

Her golden brown hair glittered in the sunlight it was at the park most children were playing at the swings or on the slide.
It was warm also, I remember feeling the sun on my skin on my bare leg's as a soft, warm wind blew.
I was watching over my mom's friend's kid's for the weekend, they were both swinging surrounded with other children.

All but her, the one girl who was looking at slenderman.
I tried to move, my body felt as if I was paralysed.
I know that feeling but I wanted to save her, I knew what he was going to do, I just knew it.
It begin to rain, most children and parents left.
The little one's I was looking after had umbrellas and were now playing in the rain.

She took his hand.
I tried moving, I tried too get up, only if to take a few steps, only if to scare him away, away from her.
But to fall face first into the hard wet ground and only being able looking up and watch as they walked away. into the oncoming mist. I felt so worthless.
"Jessica!" The mother cried out, her baby girl taken. "JESSICA!" she beeped her horn loudly.
That name.
I couldn't do anything but slowly force myself up from the watery dirt, looking over my shoulder there was a man who made a low chuckle.

'Your weak, Your worthless, you can't help anyone not even yourself, pathetic, stupid, waste.."
No one saw him, no one but me, the children walked past him as if he didn't exist.
"Babysitter are you OK?"
I nodded, "Just dirty let's go.." my eye's never left this man's face.
Who the Hell was he.
I then woke up.

My cousin is gone missing.
She's only 9 and she has golden brown hair.
Her name is Jessica.

I hate you slenderman

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  1. Oh my god... I'm so sorry... I'll keep her in my thoughts...