Tuesday, 14 June 2011

The Dollmaker

So this is Melissa's blog?
Finally got to see it.
Read through it.

Seem's like she hasn't been sleeping, seem's like she want's rid of me
why would she want to rid of me?
I'm protecting her.
I'm saving her.

Odd child she was to begin with
Oh father, please just give me full control.
I'll be good and create lot's of dolls.

I do apologize for what she had to go through with that one stray.
He shouldn't have tried to awaken me again before my time.
He will pay.
I'll make him pay.
He busted up my beautiful body, my poor leg.

I guess I should track the stray down, father wouldn't be happy if we have a broken doll running around attacking those who father doesn't want attacked.
What a pain.
I think Ill have tea first, and change out of these clothes into a nice dress.
It's nice to be in control again.

-The Dollmaker


  1. This caught my eye as I posted a comment. Would I be right in assuming that by "Father" you mean a certain faceless man in black?


  2. Joel: Right on the dot, boy.
    Father is amazing.
    Many call him the slender man
    What an unfitting name
    We ARE his children
    He is our Father.

    -The Dollmaker

  3. A pity, i hoped that this would be unrelated. What about the lives he ruined, my own included? I think it's pretty clear that he isn't here for good reasons... So tell me, do you follow him blindly or do you knoe what he does to people, what he makes his proxies do to people?


  4. Lucas: I follow him freely.
    I know his actions
    How do you think I got such motivation?
    I mean I tore that rouge proxy apart last nice so easily
    I don't think anyone's flesh tore so simply with my own fingers, like wrapping paper.

    It took a few hours to find him, but worth it in the end with the few hours of torture I put him through.
    Why don't you just follow him?
    We could be good friends then.
    We could play together, then I won't be so lonely.

    -The Dollmaker

  5. You see, Dollmaker, that is where we are different. I don't think I could kill the one who tortured me. And I don't want to, because that just brings me down to that the Big Bad Wolf's level, brings me closer to Mr. Blankface.

    Maybe if you didn't continue killing people, you'd be able to have friends.

    Just a thought...

    Also Melissa, I'm still praying for you.