Sunday, 5 June 2011

Dream of Darkness

Jessica...and I were playing in our favorite spot in the woods I was 13 she was 6 we were chasing butterflies and birds.
it felt too real, like if you watch a movie and awe at the perfect setup that can only be created by acting.
Her yellow sun dress flowing behind her as she ran around screaming 'Melissa! Butterfly!" and she could be as loud as she wanted, no one else was here this was our piece of land hidden deep in the woods.
She jumped on my back and held onto her as we ran around chasing the monarch butterflies with her net.
I remember that birthday I had received a video camera, I filmed her as she picked the wild blueberries and ate them.

We set up a small blanket and held a tea party for her doll's.
We use to spend all our time there, it was so quiet and we felt free.

That horrifying sound of ringing filled my ears for some reason the ringing only got louder, Jessica was fine she didn't notice anything she was smiling and laughing.
Soon I couldn't stand to hear her talk, when she opened her mouth her voice was distorted.
It was as if someone was telling me 'Get out of here' as if I had trespassed.
A man stood in the distance.

'I want to play games with Jessica, TAke JeSsiCA away from you, Do you Remember me? I'm Your nightmare..I'll Kill you, I'Ll KiLL YOU, I'LL KILL YOU! YOUR WORTHLESS, YOU CANT PROTECT JESSICA, I'LL TAKE THE ONLY THINK YOU CARE ABOUT AND I'LL TEAR IT APART, I'll break her little bones and snap her mind, I'll shatter her and she will cry for you to save her, but you are sleeping peacefully not a fact in mind that your favorite human is being killed...I will rip her still beating heart and turn her inside OuT, Are you ready to play a game..for your life?"

It was dead silent, even for a moment and then I saw her.
In my favorite part of the wood's where we use to chase butterflies, my baby cousin, impaled on a tree her body torn apart, her tiny body ripped limb from limb blood soaked clothing no longer breathing.

I covered my face with my hand's, they were warm and sticky, they were covered in her blood.

I couldn't speak, lost for words I do remember wrapping my blood soaked hands around my neck.
"Giving up? No can't die yet my little one, when it's my turn to kill you, Somehow you'll know you Will dream of darkness once more"
The man touched me, he held my hands away from my neck.

I woke up, crying I was in so much pain at this moment, I knew Jessica had died, I could feel it.
Like how a mother know's her child has died, but in this case only I could remember Jessica.
In this case I was like her mother, everything hit me all at once and I became very ill.

This is my fault...
God please forgive me.


  1. This is NOT your fault. This is NO ONE's fault but the Slenderman's. I am so sorry for Jessica. But you cannot blame yourself for this. I know it sounds hypocritical coming from me, but you are not to blame.

    He is trying to break you, so fight it.


  2. Lucas: it is my fault I promised i'd protect her, I promised her...I couldn't, I never I could have, why didn't I?

    I can still hear her crying for me, to save her.

  3. You could never have expected this. No one could. He takes the things closest to you and breaks you with them. Don't blame yourself and don't give up hope.


  4. Lucas: I'm not sure what I should do from here on? i have no where to go, I can't stay here, this place hold's to many memories.

    If I don't want to give up hope I don't know..