Tuesday, 14 June 2011


Finally infection going away, back home too.
My grandma phoned over to check on me.

I had to ask her, maybe she would know something about the dollmaker.
She did.
A lot.

Apprarently it's like a curse your either born with it or your not.
She compared it to cancer cells, we all have them but only some people have them awakened.
I guess you COULD compare it to cancer, but she DID say your either born with it or your not.

She said the dollmaker is like a separated personality who's primary concern is to serve a master, it will die serving him and is loyal it him only.

It usually awakens when the host is in grave danger or when the host is angered enough, It puts the host in a sleep like state and awakens.
It will kill without second thought,but it will act innocent and try to befriend first.
It will make it seems as if its doing nothing wrong or its trying to find its way
It will not regret, it will try to break people to make them into a doll like human.

Hearing all this sent me into a spiral of mixed emotions.

Can you destroy it?

This gave me hope.

You must find a way to septate the two people, the host and the dollmaker, then the host, the real human must kill the dollmaker in the most gruesome way, I could hardly believe the words that my grandmother was saying, there for I think it's better if I spare you the nightmares.

Let's say it will NOT be a good sight when I'm done with it.
Assuming I can go through with it.

First step is to find a way to separate it from me.

Any Ideas?



  1. I doubt there is a physical way to separate two personalities, so I'm assuming this is a murder that must take place in your head?

    Which means this would fall into psychological/magical warfare; something I'm rather good at.

    The first think you have to remember about this kind of battle is that if you can justify it mentally, you can make it a "reality." That is, however you can visualize the separation and believe it, it will work providing you can back it with belief and completely dispel any doubts you have about it working. Easier said than done for most people. Just set aside that part of yourself that would normally shrug at plot twists in movies and books, and embrace you imagination as reality for the space of your battle with this dollmaker.

    Probably the easiest way to do this would be to fight it in dreams, where your imagination already has free reign and where you could conceivably give it a separate body and follow through on whatever grotesquery your grandmother suggested without fear of unintentional self-mutilation. The larger issue here is that this thing is a part of you, grew up with you even if it was hidden, and will know all your tricks. So prepare to be spontaneous, insane, and pull a lot of tricks out of thin air because this thing will be like a demon possession and will not want to let go or die (who does?) It will fight back with every dirty trick at its disposal and try to kill you instead so that it has your body all to itself.

  2. @Mystery: Thank you, this was very helpful.
    I hope to GOD I can destroy this thing, even If I do, I wouldn't say I would be well for a few days.

    Me being Me I have never killed anything, the dollmaker on the other-hand may/possibly has.
    Therefore I am weaker in this since, but hopefully anger,rage or hate will drive me.

    I don't know what this thing will look like on its own.

    possibly a nightmarish image.
    thats what really scares me, seeing this thing on my own.

    Thank you mystery.
    I will do my best.


  3. I read this, I can't say I can imagine what you're going through, but I will say this.

    Good luck.