Thursday, 2 June 2011

June 2nd, Hey I'm still alive...I think

Alive in the way that  I'm breathing and performing task's to keep myself alive.
I think that's the only way I could possibly be alive because right now I feel dead, I haven't slept in what feels like forever, and I've blacked out a lot recently as well.

Going to the hospital next Friday to get blood work done, I don't think it's because of a sickness known to medicine, no its him.

It's him the one known as many names, Slender man, Tall man, der grobmann, Slendy.
Whatever you wanna call him, I could care less personally I call him Slenderman but that's just me.

I blacked out on a bench up near a park in my town for about 5 minutes yesterday well on my walk.
that one was peaceful, I actually didn't dream, didn't wake up scared, summer is coming I'm always happy at this time.

During summer I sleep outside a lot, because it's warmer. I wonder because of all that's happened will I do it this year too? Last night I never slept again not unusual you think after 4-5 day's I'd be getting use to it I'm not if anything it's only affecting my head more and more.

I'm coming to the point where I can't think or speak or move or function.
that is unhealthy, perhaps I'm dieing...
I don't want to die, I want to rest, to live..I don't want to be normal though I look at humans now with a different view.

Humans just live, I don't think we really seem to have a reason we just kinda go with whatever is thrown our way.
Me? I now have reason..reason for everything..although I know WHAT it is & I know is it is THERE.

I Will Help in any way
I Will Protect all I can who are running and fighting.
To the best of my ability I will help those fighting against Slenderman.
Those who serve him, be careful.

As long as I can remember this I will keep living, Fighting my own battle
Hey Slenderman, proxies anyone on HIS side.
If you think you've won the battle
you've only lost your mind.



  1. Just make sure you keep yourself safe. Regardless on if you fight or flee you have mine and Joel's best wishes.


  2. @Lucas: I'm trying..I'll keep trying, I won't give up, keep yourself safe as well.

    Don't ever give up.