Saturday, 2 July 2011

Torn between stay and go.

I decided to spend most of the day outside, playing amongst the trees.
Actually mainly I was following Dollmaker as she wandered around the woods; no one was around us so I thought that it would be safe to let her walk around.

She stopped at an oddly shaped tree and pointed upwards I assumed she wanted to go up the tree.

“As if I can climb that”

“I don’t care if you can or can’t, I still want to go up it”
I was taken back she really was rude.

“Ask nicely and I may attempt it”
She just glared at me and I sighed, walking over picking her up I climbed the tree to the highest point I could.

We were high up, high enough to see the mansion and Mystery and Trinity and all the other people as they were far below us.

We also were able to view all the trees and the horizon.

‘This is how father views us all, it truly is beautiful’ she said
Beautiful? Could the Dollmaker actually comprehend beauty?

Looking around she seemed so absorbed the sight for a few minutes longer before I decided it was time to go down.
I was very careful holding the Dollmaker close to me so I wouldn’t scratch her.

‘I don’t like trinity’ she said
I looked down at her not sure of what to say.

‘Don’t become friends with her, I really do hate her, I don’t like Mystery either you should pack your bags and get out of here now, if you don’t I’ll get father to come and take us both away….’

I was completely taken back.


“Dollmaker you’re not in control it is MY life and I think it’s a about time I actually lived it”

‘Listen to me or you will regret it….Lullaby don’t take my threats lightly’
I wasn’t at all she would call upon slenderman and he would do it I knew he would and I didn’t want to be taken away.

I walked back towards the mansion.
I hated to seem like such a bother but I needed to tell Mystery what the Dollmaker said.

‘I dare you lullaby she will take me away from you or worse rid of me and from what I know it will not end well for you…..’

I looked down at her. “What the hell do you mean?!”

‘Dear sweet Lullaby do you wish to die?’
Do I want to die, what does she mean by that?

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