Sunday, 26 June 2011

peaceful way to die.

a charm, intresting now both me and her can exit and
enter the building as we please.So I decide d 'we' would take a walk around
the woods.
How irrating little lullaby is, I know she loves me, her damnned
cousin anyways Jessica deserved every bit of pain she got, she deserved to
die.If it wasn't for Jessica coming into her life, I would still have been
her faviourt, think about it she 'slept' and had a 'dream' when really she
was seeing what I was doing and she had no control.
The love for Jessica she had created an emotion stronger then hate inside
me, so I did what I could to mulaite her body, thats right...
I.Killed.Jessica.And thinking about the feeling of her warm blood gushing
onto my hand's still send's shivers of pleasure down my spine. How lovely
that final kiss tasted, the warm taste of copper.Of course she was still
breathing, I really wanted her to die drowning.
Is drowning a peaceful way to go?
Do you think struggling for air and knowing
you're going to die is peaceful way?I don't think so. :D
As for the damn border gaurds who demaneded to send her back after all the
trouble to get here, how dare they. So I just took control I used one to
shoot and tear apart the other's body with his teeth, how funny it was to
watch him act like a dog.
The way his jaw's clamped around his friends arm and bit until blood dripped
to the ground (ill try and spare you the details) how lovely it was as I sat
and watched them struggle.
I made sure the one being killed couldnt scream
either, how you may ask, well you can't scream if you have no toungue and if
your lips are sliced to your ears I guess it helps that I broke his jaw
I made sure he lived though I wanted him to feel each part of his body
be ripped of, I also made sure to help.
I couldn't let my new doll have all the fun, sure a few chunks of flesh on
the ground and a broken arm but I made the finishing move I broke his neck.
The truck driver was the most fun though because I snuck into his truck and
hid under a tarp, I got a free ride.
Until he stopped and opened the tarp,
seeing me he got very angery.I didn't enjoy being yelled at soI got in the
drivers seat and hit the gas, I guess hisfoot wasn't moved so I crushed the
bones then backed up and ran him over and then went into drive and ran him
over then reverse and kept the  c ycle up until I drove to the city.Then I got
out, crawled into the back of the truck and let lullaby awaken.
No one hurts Lullaby.No one takes her from me.
The guy I saw in the wood's the one who gripped onto my arm tightly almost
demanding I return to socity so I can get help, because apperently I
shouldnt be playing in the woods because of animals.
Because I'm so scared of wild animals, how dare he touch me.
I asked to be relised, I tried to ask nicely, sadly the blood stains on my
clothes tell a diffrent  and more crule tale, the one on how skin can easily
be broken with a knife, and how much fun your having as you rip apart
someone's carcasse, so much fun that you forget what your doing and the
screams become meangless.then it's all splurts and gaging of blood.of course
I had to find a way to rid of this cloathing, I got into the house removed
them, changed into a new set of jeans, tank top and her faviourt dark green
I hid the blood stained cloathign the best I could, hopefuly no one will go
snooping around.I tied her hair back into her pigtails and combed out her
How lovely.

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