Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Strength in the form of a heartbeat.

One exam this week, next week Monday and Tuesday, then done exams.
Put in resumes, then run.
Run, ferry, after birthday even for just a few days.
Don't care how worried parents will be, I don't think they understand, I hope there will be a big fight so I'll have an excuse.
I own a pocket knife, its a nice knife, sharp.
It's the best weapon I own it's my protection from proxies and slenderman.
Hate him, loath him, despise him, never forgive him.
I'm calm don't worry, tired and a little beat up but calm.

I've learned to look at him in the face, no longer running from him ready to kill.
Anger is the reason I can, I can stare him straight in the face with my own smirk.
If he had a mouth he would probably just smirk as well, cocky little bugger.

I bet he thinks he can break me, I bet he thinks he can break my mind.
He don't know me that well dose he?
He don't know how well I can adjust to situations handed to me.

Hey Slendy you'll have to work harder..A heck of a lot harder
Enter my mind for a moment you'll see the horrors unleashed.

I feel my heart beating, even softly.
This is my true strength.

Ready to play? I'll take your proxies that you send and knock them down like dolls.

I'm ready to play..
Send your toys.
Send your little soldiers
Send them to mii.
I'll drag them straight to the abyss


  1. Just remember, keep moving, keep alive. You are NOT a proxy killing machine, there are very few of us who could honestly call ourselves that. And don't blame them for what Slendy has done. They aren't blameless, but they are still human. If you can run then do.


  2. @Joel: Hard. But I will try. No promises.