Friday, 3 June 2011

Update on Jessica.


Her parent's will not be on any news station or any radio broadcast, nor any newspaper articles.
This is a very touchy subject for them, they refuse to let the public know, my parents would do the same for me it's the way my family is.

My mother was on the phone with my aunt all day crying I felt so pathetic I couldn't do or say anything to comfort her.
'It's OK' is a lie
'She'll come home' is false
because I don't even know if we will find her, if my dream is right slenderman could have done anything to her, killed her, hollowed her, taken her somewhere we will never find.

I wrapped her in a blanket she's asleep.
My aunt just called, "Baby, Jessica..she left us..why"
"Jessica never did anything, I will personally find the person responsible and rip them apart with my bare hands" was that the best type I could offer?

Was it the only truth I could create?
I would rip them apart I swear to God almighty, I will tear there beating heart out and make them pay.

I won't stop until Jessica is found.
I won't rest until she is safe.


  1. I will help you in your search for her. But you need to think, not act on impulse, on emotions. This is a delicate situation, hon.

  2. How can I not, she's my baby cousin..If slenderman or anyone ever hurt her how should I react?

    If my nightmare is right then..Jessica will be gone...I can't loose Jessica.

    Not Jessica.