Friday, 10 June 2011


(ShORt PoST MuST StArT 'FixInG' HeR)
AsLeep in Wood''s
I ToOk Her KniFe BefoRE I LefT.

WhEn ShE WokE up sHe TriEd RunNing
GraBbed her leG, ShE Fel/l.

she TrIEd to KicK Me, I PuLLed OuT the KniFe.
h'eR eye"S WideNed, 'P-plEasE  doN't'
I HaD to.
I hAd tO stAb Her, I dIdn't Wan'T HeR RunNiNg aNymore.

AnD shE woN;;t be EithEr.
NoT anYmoRE.

NoW ThE ReaL f,Un Beg.Ins//
I'lL TrAvLE,
I'ntO HeR MIn.D
SeE If I caN MaKe Herr
The DolLmAkeR, sHe WaS beFore.



  1. Well, we know what she is now. That she's been injured.

    Have you cared for the wound, Mr. Intruder? Has it been wrapped up properly to avoid infection? If this Lullaby were to become unstable, she could not make your toys...

  2. nO.
    wOunDs noT wraPPed, LuL.lab/Y SleEPiNg.
    NoT thE tIme, HaRD to puLL oUt Old mEmOriEs.

    DamN kId,