Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Road bump.

Although it only takes a day to get where I was supposed to go, her car broke down.

We had to wait for a mechanic to come pick us up and take us to the nearest town.

The air was dry and people just drove past as we leaned against the truck.

She told me she was sorry, that she should have been more careful.

I said it was fine; I didn't mind relaxing in the sun.

The guy finally came. He looked at the engine and told us something had overheated. Luckily, he would be able to tow us to the garage and he said he’d let us stay there for a bit.

Once we got there, she went online and bought a plane ticket for me.

"We will arrive at the airport tomorrow. You'll get on the plane and fly to Toronto, and you'll wait there for a few hours; then, fly to Vancouver. You'll stay in the Vancouver airport for a day. Near eleven, a man will pick you up. He will smuggle you into the cargo hold of a plane flying to the U.S. From there, you just have to get past customs and find a way to Jersey..."

Something was off. How did she know exactly where I was headed? Well, to be fair, the whole trip seemed a little off.

This woman, mid-twenties, overhears me talking about getting out of the country and offers me a free ride to the airport, and then offers to pay my way to the United States. Any other adult would have just said, 'Stay in school, you’re too young to live on your own.' Next to that, she seems too kind, paying for everything, leaving out no expense.

Now, she’s just sitting on the couch, watching me as I type this all out. Her stare is totally blank.

She has long blond hair and eyes like green crystals...she reminds me of a doll...

She is.


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