Wednesday, 8 June 2011


I'm semi-alive I like to think I'll never be alive because a part of me can't sleep.

Maybe because Mr.noface follows mii too.
Maybe because proxies won't stop leave me lovely dead animals.
Maybe because I'm half insane.

All of the above//>?
My 'friend' got her nose pierced, personally I think it looks:
Super fucking ridicules, its Ugly as fucking hell and I almost punched her in the face when I saw her.
No joke she lied to me too.

she said 'Oh no I wont get it done' when I asked her about it.
Pops in Wednesday 'Oh hi' *Tries to hug me* I pushed her away.

I don't think I've ever been SO mad at someone.
'Oh but I'm still the same me as yesterday'
Yeah with a fucking silver thing attached to your FUCKING NOSE!\
'Oh but I'll only have it in for a little while then I can get a pretty rhinestone'
I REALLY hope you fucking wake up one day and look into the mirror and regret ever getting it done!.
I really do 
Needless to say I stopped talking to her all together, not so hard because I'm so mad at her.

She walked up to me and tried to apologize
stammering like a stupid child
I laughed at her and told her I didn't give a dam anymore, she could do what she wanted because I was no longer involved in her life.
She begged me to just talk to her.
I said no.
I said soon it wouldn't matter.
I said I would be gone.
I didn't say goodbye.
I didn't say how I hated how she fucking lied to me.
I didn't say how hurt I was.
I didn't say how much I loathed her.

I didn't say a lot of things I should have.

she was right it was her choice to get it.
but it's my choice on my opinion.

She's right I'm a bitch because I stopped talking to her because of that one thing,
but she don't know its was because of a lot of things,
She don't know that when I stopped talking to her all her other little friends stopped talking to me.
The people who I THOUGHT were my friends
Aren't they wont talk to me because I wont talk to her.

Jack asses.
what the hell?!
as if I didn't have enough issues.
I can't wait till two of them graduate and I never have to see them again.
then next year its her and her boyfriend.
Her and her FUCKING boyfriend.

Screw them.
Screw life.
Screw slenderman.
FUCK HIM, LEAVE ME ALONE, get out of my head slenderman, you think your so good?

What is it you even want of me?
To make me a follower? A proxie? you want me to work for you? do you wanna kill me?

 I'm running away soon, pretty damn soon.
God know's where, all I know is to get off this place and somewhere far away.
Somewhere far far away.
From everything, everyone.

 'Do you wanna play a game? I'll play a game I'll set the stage and you will run, I'll follow you with careful steps, I'm just behind you peek-a-boo'
What the hell does that mean?




  1. There are certain things I absolutely loathe about people and which will cause me to do just as you did and drop them. I do not like liars, but beyond that, I do not like hypocrites which is the underlying issue here. So all her little friends wouldn't talk to you after you dropped here? You're probably better off. Sounds like they're a bunch of social leeches.

    If you run, don't be afraid to ask for help. I wish I had found you before your cousin was taken. I might have been able to suggest a few things.

  2. @Mystery: Thanks, I wrote this post out of rage I usually don't swear a lot but as anyone can see I was really, really mad.

    I won't be talking to any of them any time soon, or even in the future, or anytime for that matter.

    I WILL run, it is no long a question of 'if' but now a question an 'when', I was thinking about it on the bus ride home and got happy thinking about leaving.

    It's such a bore around here anyways.

    I wish I had found my cousin.
    I still remember that one dream, where she was hanging..dead.

    I'm just doing a little bit of research on what i will need to bring when I run.
    I'm ready to face this world.

    With care

  3. I know the feeling well, but just remember, you can run, but your problems follow you until you find a way to deal with them. Shady and I are here to help, along with others. I would suggest our joint blog ( for information you might find helpful when you do run. And I know Shady suggested getting a bat, my preferred method of dealing with annoyances. ;)

  4. @mystery: I have to apologizes to the one girl though, but i'm still not going to talk to her anytime again and her little followers.

    I do feel sorta bad for HOW I reacted, I mean I completely flipped out on her.

    as for running I've made a list and started packing, I'll check out your blog for sure.

    As for the bat I'm unable to purchase one as of now, I DO however own a nice knife when I go into the city I'll buy a baseball bat for sure.

    all the best,