Thursday, 23 June 2011

I don't understand, how did I, I mean I understand the fact that I was coming to New Jersey but how did I get in the back of this truck

I remember getting out of the plane, I remember two men taking me into a room telling me that they were going to have to send me back to Canada because I didn't have a passport, they were just about to make a phone call.

Then it all went blank and I woke up in this truck.
I was under a tarp, curled up holding my backpack tightly and when the truck stopped I got out and ran.
I just kept running, I'm scared.

Now its dark and the homeless people are looking at me wondering why im on the street's.
Thats a good question, It's late, I'm cold and the homeless shelters i've passed were filled.

This is not what I expected when I came to New Jersey.
I don't even know where I am, I'm lost...I'm hungry...I'm cold...I just want to find a open feild where I can watch the stars.

I just want to watch the stars.



  1. I know it's probably daytime where you are right now. I'm just checking in, are you alright?


  2. @Lucas: Its daytime now I've been wandering around for awhile.
    I'm alive, found a peaceful place to rest last night. I've also calmed down a bit, although i still have no idea where in NJ I am.

  3. Lullaby! I'm sorry I didn't catch this sooner, but with Shady away, I haven't had any way of charging my phone or computer. I'm at a library right now. (No power at the mansion, you know.) Can't go to her parent's house and ask to use an outlet you know. lol

    Best way to find out where you are? Find the nearest store (convenience, grocery) and ask if they have any local maps (or newspapers). That way you can find out where you are without them giving you the hairy eyeball for not knowing. When you know where you are, let me know. I will come get you!