Saturday, 11 June 2011


I'm at a Hospital.
They gave me some pain medication and cleaned and stitched my wounds and kept asking me what happened.

I was attacked.

Then I asked to use a computer.
They let me use it to let everyone know I am OK.
I lost a lot of blood and my cuts were deep.

apparently It was a miracle I survived.I was half dead and still dying when my dad's work friend found me.

He called the hospital, they rushed down.
Both my parents are away right now.
He stayed with me for a little while until they arrived.

all I wanted to say was 'thank you, thank you'.
All i could do was cry as i tried to speak but nothing would come out.
I'm sorry.

Dream safe.


  1. I am just happy you are alright. Please feel better, we have to get you better protected. You are are safe for now, try and heal up, settle your mind, dear.

  2. My god. We're so glad you're ok. Get well soon.

    -Joel and Lucas