Wednesday, 8 June 2011

dreaming of a little girl

First off, Apologies
you shouldn't have heard me go on and on about my life's sob story, non the less hear THAT much swearing.

Second, my thoughts and Ideas.
Soon I'll be outta here, although i have no one to really turn to.
I know there are a lot of runners, but i'd have a better chance if I was in the US i'm so isolated around here.
that's what makes this all so incredibly difficult for mii.
Damn, damn, damn, damn.

Thirdly, I tip my hat to my followers who are putting up with my BS.
life's been so hard for mii, Jessica's death, Mr.Slenderman, a few proxies and my stupid so called friends.

Although I've been writing a detailed plan, for running, need a plan in case of emergencies.
If I can get to the US I will have more of a chance of finding others who are running, its GETTING to the US that the problem starts.

forgive me, for ranting about my bad day.
I'm so stressed.
Plus Ive been getting weirder and weirder cryptic messages, possibly from proxies.

'Hold onto your doll, hold onto it tight, that doll is your heart, hold it with your might, you are the last one, the last one on the list, even though we've called you crazy, your just a little girl who's smile makes us cringe. HE misses you Melissa.'

'Last one?', 'list?', 'We've?' 'HE?' who are these people? what the heck do they want? what list? what do they mean last one? and who is HE? and how do they know my name?

I mean I keep dreaming of a little girl, I've never seen her face and I've only seen her in the distance, but I keep seeing her.
Oh dear, this is turning into a nightmare.
wake me up?
tell mii that I'm dreaming?
I need a drink.


  1. Dreaming, List. Those two words are quite familiar to myself...I am only guessing when I say this, but perhaps this "list" is that of the Executor's? Perhaps you have heard of him?

    As for the child...You do not recognize her at all, hmm? I have no thoughts on what she might be; though perhaps she may be you, in some separate form...possibly reflecting a moment from your past or emotions? Not likely, I suppose.

    I thought you did not dream?

  2. @Trinity: I only dream when asleep and I hardly sleep, therefore I hardly dream, that and my dream's are usually nightmares. Although recently I've been dreaming a lot which is VERY strange trust me I am just as confused.

    I don't believe I'm on the Executor's list I actually asked him.

    No I don't recognize her at all, maybe because i haven't seen her face.


  3. Honestly, real life drama is kind of refreshing in a blogosphere where everything is SLENDERMANSLENDERMANSLENDERMAN. (Plus we both swear like sailors on here, definitely inappropriate but far easier to vent. :p)

    Do you think this little girl you keep dreaming of could be Jessica?

    Keep safe.


  4. @Lucas: No its not Jessica, This girl has black hair and she wears a white sun dress her skin is also very pale shes also carrying around a doll.

    Like a rag doll.
    Its odd.