Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Heartbeat stop. Sing for the Microphone Mii.

Nearly died.
I am Ok.
I am OK?
Am I OK?

been singing a lot apparently, not normal music (question mark;://(?), what is normal).
Song's about Him..Not good.
Actually found a recording I must have done, distorted and fuzzy.

'If you lead me out from the darkness, I'll lead you straight back in I'll lead you to the place, the place with the slenderman, soon you cannot hide, he'll thank me for this work and he'll give me all the dolls he calls them human C*white noise*es '

I got scared very scared.
Was that Mii singing?!
No not possibly my voice, not possible
I then tried to do another recording of a song I was writing Did not go over well I played it once and there was a blank part where i knew I had sung, amplified it then played it again.

went something like this.

'Who i-*silence*(Ps from here on it had to be amped) *fuzzy noise* love who is hate *Odd noise as if someone was vacuuming at the time AKA more different audio messing up* WHO WILL(yes it really amped up in the last part) then the rest was normal.

I saved the file.
I'll upload it to youtube so you can hear it, I did NOT(EMPHASES ON THE NOT) tweak it at all the only tweaking i did with the audio was amp it so I could hear it.
My head hurts.
so does my stomach.

I'm not well at all.

With dreams

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