Thursday, 9 June 2011

GoNE.DamN ChiLD.

WhEN tHe doLL MaKer Awoke, ShE LUnGed aT Me.

FoOliSH, I InJecTed HeR AgaIN, She cRinGEd AnD PulLED AwAY, Sh'Es GoNe.
No't FaR SoON SHE'll SLEep AgAIN.

ShE Is STubborN, ShE ShOUld KnoW HeR PlACe.

IF YoU See HeR HaN'D Her OvER To US.
YoU DonT WanT aNY TrOUblE Do YoU?!
I MuSt Fin''d HeR Now.

WhAT TrouBle The DoLLMaKer is.

A DOllMakER MakEs ToY DoLL''s//
ThE DoLlMaKer, MakE'S PeOplE InTo DoLLS aS HeR PERsonAL ToY's
ShE CaN DeSTRoY ThE FaCT ThaT THey EvER EXIsted.
As A ChIlD, ShE NeveR HaD FrIEnDS, So ShE MADe FriENDS.
OuT Of AnimALs And HumANs.

TeLL Me, BeFoRE I LEave.
Do YoU SeE heR BeaUTy?


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