Wednesday, 3 August 2011

A New Friend. A New Start.

I was sitting on Trinitys swing looking at the sky; Dollmaker has been dead quiet for the past few days she seemed to enjoy the swing a lot. Slowly Ive been realizing that everyone I love dies violently; unnaturally. I'm cursed! Why go on? I'll just hurt others.

NO! Thats it I refuse to think this way anymore from now on I will do my best to help the people who so gratefully took me in, all Ive been doing is sitting on the second story and wandering around the wood's well enough is enough I will protect them...

"Uh..." there were two hands that softly pushed me forward. Hi!" a voice said happily, I tried turning around to see who it was but slipped off the rubber and landed onto the ground with a small thud.

"Oh no! I'm sorry! Are you hurt?! this is my fault" A bit dazed I looked at her, I was unable to hear her clearly I got 'sorry' and 'hurt' a few times and judging from the look on her face she seemed upset. Unable to hold back my laughter I burst out in giggles. 
"Its ok love, its ok I'm perfectly fine just a little stunned" Trinity looked so relieved and held out her hand to help me up.

I wiped off my dress from the dirt and looked at Trinity she was a very beautiful child, I never noticed this for the first few times we met but looking at her now I noticed it but she stood there awkwardly, looking nervous as hell.

"Hello I'm Lullaby, although you may know that I think we should at least introduce properly"

"I'm Trinity... she said looking at Dollmaker and back at me.

"I do not like...her...No I hate her. Hate, Hate, Hate..." Dollmaker kept uttering that word over and over, it became quite annoying. Trinitys lips moved but I could only make out a few words, 'can' 'please' 'hold'
"Come again?" I must have sounded like an old woman, its not my fault I'm now deaf in one ear, but I must learn to deal with this.

"May I please hold her?" "Ah yes of course please just be careful" I said holding out my doll she took it softly.

"LULLABY GET THIS CHILD TO UN-HAND ME AT ONCE!!" I laughed as Trinity brushed through Dollmakers hair and played with her hood. "Can I push her on the swing?" "Ah yes of course!"

Trinity smiled and placed Dollmaker on the swing, the doll made no objection to move and just gripped onto the rubber with her cloth hands and trinity gently pushed the tire. The atmosphere was ever relaxing, an unusual warmth filled my body I believe Dollmaker was happy.

"Say Trinity do you like any games?" She looked at me thinking and nodded. "I have checkers inside, if I run in and get it will you play it with me?" "Of course I love checkers" she grinned and ran inside quickly.

It was quiet again the tire swing still rocking and I looked at Dollmaker who tried to push it forward more, her efforts failed and I softly pushed her again. "This won't last...any of this...and this wont be my fault" what the hell did she mean? I was going to ask her but trinity called me in so we could play, the board game was fit under her arm. "Go...enjoy your time lullaby...I'll stay here we wont be that far so you wont get sick"

"Lullaby!" Trinity called out and I smiled running towards her, we set up the game together and decided (though a game of rock paper scissors) that she would go first. She won 3/5 games (*Note to self re-learn how to play checkers*) in an odd way she reminded me of Jessica, yes odd but lovely and ever so relaxing I do enjoy my time so far that i have spent with trinity.

I really hope we can spend many more times like this I hope she wishes the same as well.

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