Monday, 15 August 2011

what happened yesterday I never was relaxed around thunder, you know how a dog gets around loud noises. Well imagine a teenage girl hiding in a blanket jumping at the loud bangs.
then you have me.

Thankfully the games we played kept me somewhat distracted, that made me happy. Mystery found a guy to fix the lights and stuff I greeted him at the door holding dollmaker of course i told her not to move at all, I 'unno if she'll listen she seem's to like to do things on her own accord, stupid stubborn doll.

The man was hispanic, he had dusky like skin and dirty blonde hair and those black eyes stared at me, giving me shivvers, I still tried to be polite.



"Are you the electriction?"

"Yes I am"

"Ah ok then welcome, come in..."

I stepped aside my socks padded against the ground as he entered, he seemed like a very nice man. He seemed to know what to do as he walked past me, due to boredom I followed him around.

"Do you like your job?" I asked quietly, the man didnt respond was I too quiet? I was never good talking to males, make it fair I was never good talking to anyone, I gripped onto my sweater tightly and felt dollmaker make a small gasping noise.

'lullaby....not so hard'

"A-ah!" I said relesing my hands dollmaker fell to the ground and I instantly bent down to pick her up.

"Did you make her yourself?"

"E-eh? Pardon?" Pardon? Pardon? Ugh I sound like a old lady.

"Your doll"

"Ah yes, I took a bit of work but it is a past time I have"

"What is her name?"

"I dunno I have not officially named her really..I call her dollmaker..."

"What an intresting name"

"Unique is the correct word.." I muttered he went back to work, I watched him fiddle with the wires and cords...reminded me of how my father did that, in a way I got sad and couldn't stay.

"good bye"

I went to visit Lucas, he still wasn't awake...this made me sad I feel bad for yelling at him about dollmaker, he had a katana that's a Japanese sword I managed to sneak it under my hoodie and outside, hopefully he wont be too mad at me I just have to play with it.

Once outside I ripped out the sword and saw the light glint off it, a true beautiful handcrafted sword. gripping onto it with both hands I got into a stance that felt correct and ripped through the air with it. I have been doing a lot of physical training lately, it gets my mind off things and I couldnt help but adore the way the sword sliced though the air.

then I saw mystery coming towards me, her lips were moving although I couldnt hear her but the expression screamed trouble. I pressed my hand around my ear, signaling i coulding quite hear her.

"What are you doing?"

"exactly what it look's like playing with a sword"

"Lullaby you should put the sword back before Lucas notices"

I sighed, I really didn't want to but I knew eventually I would have to.

"How did you get it out here without my noticing?"

I smiled and slid it back up under my sweater and winked.

"Wearing oversized cloating is quite helpful at times"

Mystery looked at me with a surprised and somewhat smiling face. that look made me happy. I put the sword back, very unhappily but its put back.

Trinitys doll is also compleated as well...Its a nice doll..I really like it I cant wait to give it to her, I hope she likes it too.


  1. It's not a toy. Just make sure you remember that. I don't mind you using it, but yeah. Tell me first?


  2. @Lucas: Sorry, I love Japanese stuff....I probably wont be touching it anymore as it is yours.