Thursday, 25 August 2011


Ah I really enjoyed yesterday, I did Lucas-kun's makeup He looked so adorable, I asked him first of course! He said sure and I rushed out to get my bag which of course was holding all my makeup.

When I entered my bedroom I saw Dollmaker sitting near the window looking at the sky, she hasn't spoken to me since that evening, kinda of un-nerving.

I returned quickly with all the makeup I owned and got to work on Lucas, he was really good with me, he sat still, raised his head, lowered his head, shut his eyes, I made sure to make him look nice. Trina popped in shortly after, when she saw me doing Lucas' makeup she asked if I could do hers, when I was done with Lucas I went straight to work on Trina's, moments later I heard someone walk by and then quickly try to back pedal.

Lucas got up ever so fast and asked if he looked pretty, I turned around, saw her, Mystery, and got an idea.
"Neh...Mystery~" I said as she tried to make an exit I grabbed onto her arm and dragged her in. I know she don't like makeup but I had too, I was unable to resist.

After everyone was done I smiled brightly, ah everyone looked so pretty, although I don't really think ill be doing this again maybe i should leave my makeup skills to myself.

AH if only Shady was there, then I could have had the family all done up! I'm so happy here right now, I love my new family, I wonder if its selfish of me to want this to last forever...even if I know it cant.

I really want it to....


  1. Do you like cats? I like cats. I have some cats in a box in my basement. If you want, I can give you some cats. You can do their make up and make them look pretty. It would be very nice to meet you, Lullaby. My mother never sang me lullabies. Hehehehe, do you like to sing?

    Oh look at me, making small talk. I really do apologize, I just have this sudden urge to meet you. Do you have pretty eyes? I love pretty eyes.

    Rambling, you've got me rambling. That means your special, girl. Let's be friends.

    Can I be a part of your family? I don't have a family. People don't like me very much, they judge me for being different. </3

  2. @Advocate: Yes I like cats, but only cats that are solid colors like black or white. I like to sing, I'm not very good.

    I think I have pretty eyes, everyone calls me pretty so...
    I would like to be friends but i don't really know you.

    how did you find me?
    I would love more people in my family

    I lost my real family, my father and sister, my friends are the only family I have.

  3. I have cats of all kinds. If you want, we could meet somewhere and I could show you all of them.

    Wonderful. And you can never have too many friends :)

    Oh, just hopping around... I love your blog. I'd love to meet Dollmaker. Your situation is wonderfully unique. I like that. I'd love to hear more about it.

    My family is dead. Sad, isn't it? I don't have any friends to be my new family. I tried to be friends with Shady but she didn't like me very much. Maybe we should keep our friendship just between us. I think Shady thinks I'm a bad person :C

  4. Ah I would love to meet your cats! Maybe if I'm lucky I can bring one home?

    Haha it is true, you can never have too many friends.

    Oh? Dollmaker? I don't think you would like her...not a lot of people do sometimes not even I do.

    I'm so sorry D:, I'll be your friend, i promise I won't let Shadey know if you don't want me to :D.

  5. Lulls, you may want to check on his comments to the rest of our blogs. He just said he'd like to put down my boyfriend.

    You know, pleasant things like that.

  6. Aw thank you so much, Lullaby! You really are a nice friend to have! And you can keep as many cats as you want from my collection, they're in need of adoptive parents :)

    And I like to get to know someone before I judge them. Dollmaker might have a nice side to her somewhere.

    I'll keep in touch! We should get together very very soon!

  7. Lucas, don't be a hater. I didn't know you were in a relationship with your dog. :P

    Silly little Lucas, why can't you be open minded like Lullaby?

  8. Silly rabbit.

    If you really
    want to put
    me down.

    I'd have to
    put you back
    in your place.

    Begging for the pain to stop.

  9. Advocate, you're a jackass. Whether you are sincerely a bad person or playing to be one I have yet to decide. I am indifferent to you until you lay a hand upon those that have become kin.
    Watch yourself, dear.

    As for Lullaby, holding secrets like that? I'm a bit hurt, but whatever. It's all just little feelings~
    In any case, I'm not going to tell you what to do. I just want you to be careful and if shit happens at least tell me/us. Family is supposed to stick together, just want you safe, dear.

  10. Hehehe don't worry, Shady, I really am nice once you get to know me. <3

  11. Sigh. There is time to dissect your brain still, so why the hell not? However, don't tell me your nice. I'll judge that for myself after our last encounter.

  12. This is...amusing?

    Lullaby, you should know not to take kittens from strangers. >:(

    Advocate, you better not be trying to abduct my friends. I will neuter YOU, sir.