Saturday, 23 July 2011

its official I made a deal with the devil.

I am deaf in my left ear and minor hearing loss in my right.
It was confirmed to me when ever I put in my headphones to listen to music and I could only hear the right side I asked Mystery to test my headphones to make sure that they were not just broken.

She told me they both worked fine, I didn't believe her so I asked again and she told me again that they both worked fine. I could feel my heart skip a beat as I put in both headphones and blasted the music and I still couldn't hear the song from the left headphone and it was low in the right.

I was crying as I picked up the stones I could find and tossed them as hard as I could into the woods, the sharper ones cut into my palms but at that moment I didn't give a damn. I do now Dollmaker's white skin is stained with my blood, she looked upset as she stared at me from the ground.

'You know the stars are beautiful, just like the dandelion seeds that blow across a summers sky. They can both just keep going forever and even after we cease to exist they will continue on...Melissa don't cry, life gave you this because it believed you can handle it, so take it by those handles and steer it in the direction YOU want it to go' 

As she uttered these words I could hardly control my emotions, these feelings, could she have actually understood my emotions after all she had done?

"Melissa I'll help you become stronger....I'll teach you all you need to know about fighting and defense and in return you let me be free from this doll body and let me become part of you again" 

"You can screw right off dollmaker...not you..not your fucking father..and not any of your dolls or threats or promises will persuade me to let you free..I would kill you before letting you go even if it meant i had to die myself"

"I irritating...." she raised up her arms and pulled on the threads until they snapped and then i heard her giggle " can't with hold amount of thread or ribbons will chain me even if I am in a dolls body I am still stronger the you"

I kicked her as hard as I could sending her flying into the wall she fell to the ground and I heard her laughter.

'Lullaby take me up on my offer....I know you wont regret it"

I could feel a painful sting just under my ribs, damned linked senses. So its official I made a deal with the devil.


  1. Lullaby..Why give in to her...You CAN be something without this dangerous being..

  2. Personally, I agree with Black Hawk, you ARE a person in your own right. You can live without giving in, seriously, you can.


  3. @Trinity: Why? what have I done to be hated?

    @Blackhawk&Lucas: thank you for your concern, my plans that are in my head right now will go on as..well...planned, please do not worry I shall deal with dollmaker as seen fit in my eyes. It will be all right. I promise..take care of yourselves.

  4. What? Trina... Why are you attacking Lullaby?

  5. @Lullaby: It had better be. People worked too hard to free you and give you a second chance at freedom. You take care of yourself too..

  6. You give in too easily. You said yes. You let it tell you that it could help you, when all it will do is cause trouble.

    Mystery...We keep inviting more people to come live with us, and the more come, the more we're all getting hurt. I'm not attacking her. She will be the one attacking us.

  7. No one is perfect, Trina. All of us are continually trying to become better people. Lullaby has a harder time breaking with Dollmaker than most people do with friends or family because they are physically linked. Lullaby literally cannot rid herself of Dollmaker. As much as I wish she'd let me turn the little monster into a necklace, we have to respect her wishes until Dollmaker pushes her hard enough for Lullaby to make that choice.