Monday, 8 August 2011

apparently I'm a nurse....

Trina's doll is turning out nicely, Dollmaker is upset that im spending more time on another doll then I am her, I can't help but laugh at her jelousy its somewhat amusing.

...Oh dear lord what have I just said? I'm amused at another creatures pain?

"Turning into a bigger me day by day" Dollmaker said, if i could have slapped her I would have.
I was preparing dinner, Mystery had wandered off earlier and I was getting hungry(I could only assume everyone else was as well).

"Shut up.." I muttered, not really in the mood to argue with my 'other-self'.

Not to mention Lucas experence with the dollmaker, he should know better I understand his boyfriend is gone and I understand he may be stressed but to tell me that I had forgotten the reason everyone hates Dollmaker is almost unforgivibal.

"ow..." I growled as I looked at my finger tip, now burnt I shook my hand violently as if trying to put out the fire that was under my skin. "Dammit" I muttered ripping a peice of cloth I wrapped it around my finger and tied it into a bow.

Just as I was about to pour the pancake batter into the frying pan the door opened wide and Mystery stumbled in her shoulder cut I looked at her wide eyed, the word shit rang over and over again in my mind.
I walked towards her helping her to sit down and so I could get a good look at the cut, I had done basic first-aid on myself multiple times (seeing as I fall down and cut my knees&ankles a lot).

"It's not too bad, if we can clean it up I can sew it and give you some painkillers..." although i said this as if I had done it a thousand times I had really only done it twice; once on myself and once on my father.


I gathered the supplies and ran back, Trinity was outside and Lucas was in his bedroom so I knew I could take my time without being interrupted...hopefully.

I started by cleaning up the blood, trying to be gentile. Next I disinfected it with a mixture of proxide and water the cut bubbled and made a noise and I could tell Mystery was holding back some colourful words. I disinfected the needle and got it prepared. "This this is going to hurt..I'm sorry if i hurt you I really am..I'll be as gentile as I can". I did a good job sewing it, you know if I had not have found Slenderman and Dollmaker was still dormit in my body and if I had finnished school I may have tried to go to medicial school.

*sigh* all the if's in life make me depressed, still moving forward in life.

'hehehe, would have all fallen down eventually....." 

"" I growled angerly well handing mystery the painkillers.
'ohhhh lullabys angry...' 

Hardly, angery isn't the word. Angry is when you watch someone you love die infront of you, angry is killing someone with your bare hands in the most grusome way possible, angry is holding something against someone because you cant forgive them. I was just getting angry, I wasnt near angry yet, of course the pill dust that is on the floor right now could tell otherwise.

Mystery is laying down, I also made pancakes for dinner...I love light and fluffly, gunna go eat now hopefully everything goes ok.


  1. Lucas' boyfriend isn't gone, he's becoming a proxy. He's also talking in the third person. I'll stop now.

    Also, he may hate dollmaker, much like myself, but he wouldn't have actually killed her.


  2. @ Joel: Lucas' boyfriend should understand that if he is not here he is gone.

    No one touches Dollmaker....Not a single without my permission.

  3. Lullaby, I was hoping that once you were finished making my doll, we could set up a time when you and Dollmaker are not busy. That way, perhaps we could plan a little game or something so they could get to know each other. I really do think Dollmaker needs another friend, and since this one will be more like her, she might feel better and happier.

    And also, I would like to talk to you about something later on, if you're not busy. I'll tell you later, though.

  4. @Trinity: I am sure that Dollmaker will be happy to do such activities. You are so thoughtful Trinity. It will be done.

    Of course we can talk, anytime you need me just tell me my dear friend. I am never to busy for any of you.