Tuesday, 16 August 2011


Shady is back...I am very happy, ever so very happy, the second I saw her I chould not resist but to run up and hug her tightly.  I promised myself I would not cry, I broke it, tears of happiness and relief, our lovely Shady was returned unharmed.

"I'm sorry, Shady I was so useless I promised I would be more useful..."Shady slowly pushed me away and looked into my eyes.

"Lullaby you are not useless" she said bluntly, it made my heart stop...I was not useless? "You were very helpful, you crafted a doll for Trinity and you helped Mystery when she was injured Lullaby your not useless"

Shady squeezed my shoulder tightly.
"I'm not useless?" I asked somewhat shocked.

"No your not"
I smiled softly, I have a purpose. Shady you are a wonderful, great, beautiful person. Please don't ever change.

We are all together now, Shady, Mystery, Trinity, Lucas, Ecko, Drake, Sunshine and myself.
Its like a family. Like a big happy family. I am very happy right now. Please don't tell me that I am dreaming.

Lullaby your not dreaming...please stay this way...it is more pleasant for everyone if you stay this way... 


  1. Your are so kind, Lullaby. I am happy to be home with you. You have become so strong, I am proud of you as well. You helped the others and in doing so protected them. You are anything but useless.