Friday, 8 July 2011


I was playing outside with Dollmaker, it was OK something to distract me for a little while.

'Your father-' 
My father, why was she bringing up my family?
'-Was looking for you"


"As we speak he is being made into a gift...for you, father told me last night when I wandered out...'

"WHY THE HELL DIDN'T YOU TELL ME THIS SOONER?! Tell slenderman if he does ANYTHING to-"

'Father won't he has no reason too...He is not the one anyways, it is another, it is another who is harming your father"
Harming. No...Damn it.

'Then tell him to make whoever is doing anything to my father to go and di-'

'He cannot'

"He cannot or He WILL not'

'He will not'

"Why the hell not?!" I said in a irrated tone she shrugged.

"You must on your own...he is YOUR father after all'

"No I don't know where he is or...DAMMIT" I screamed and picked her up running away from the mansion.
I was running through the wood's feeling the ground crunch under me I just kept running, and running.
I had no idea WHERE I was headed, this was no good.

' foolish girl you’re setting yourself wide open for a prox-'

'Listen Dollmaker, I don't care, my father is out there and it’s MY fault this shut up ok just shut the hell up and let me find him!"

'listen you little witch...proxies are bound to come after you now that your more open for an attack, and believe me they will get any chance they can to hurt you so-"

"And let me guess you'll stand there and let them?! You would kill Jessica or any human if they became too close to me but you won't kill a proxy if it tries to hurt me? HUH!?"

'That's not it...Lullaby listen I-"

I stopped running and put her to the ground. "Go on your free...just leave me alone OK! You tried to control my life since i was born. So get the hell out of it!”

As I ran away I heard her little voice fade from my head. 'LULLABY WAIT!Lullaby...lullaby you cant go on your own..lull-'

Now I believe I made an error, only an hour after running away from Dollmaker I can hardly move and everything feels fuzzy.
What have I done?

I think I've gotten sick three times already within the past twenty minutes but I’m not so sure, I lost track of time, I think it’s night I can hardly tell; I shouldn’t have left her in the woods.

I have to sleep, I.
Father...I want you OK.

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  1. Innocence is beautiful - Like the first blooming flower