Friday, 15 July 2011

A path of trees

Dollmaker was returned. I awoke with her in my arms. Wood’s dark, so dark. She, dollmaker, keeps telling me go forward, go forward. I cannot even see this ‘forward’through the trees AND she’s been singing all day it’s been driving me madly insane.

If you go out in the woods today
you’re sure of a big surprise.~
If you go out in the woods today

you’d better go in disguise.~
If you go out in the woods today,
you’d better not go alone.~
It's lovely out in the woods today,
But safer to stay at home.~

I was just staring at her all day as we walked through the sunlit woods. Dollmaker was in a pleasant and somewhat childish mood. Although enjoyable it was disturbing as well. She never acted like that. Exhausted I have given up the search for today, Dollmaker didn’t seem happy about it, but my feet are sore. I looked up at the sky, the beautiful stars and reached my hand up. If only I could join them.

‘Why do you want to be with the stars so much?”

'No one judges them' I muttered clasping my hands together.

‘I hate the stars it reminds me that humans are not alone”
How true.

‘But how can you ‘hate’ for that fact?’

‘Because I am stuck in a world with a bunch of idiots when I could have been with a smarter race’

‘You’re no bucket of sunshine either’
She glared at me and at that moment i wished all hell would have broken loose, for her glare was truly one that was made for a killer. That makes me wonder, what did my face looked like when I killed those people? 

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