Monday, 18 July 2011


A lot happened without me. I should have listened to the warnings of Shady and Mystery but being a little stubborn I went out anyways.

I guess in reality I just needed a walk, a stupid walk. I always walk I now question myself as to WHY I walk; I never get anywhere because there is no other place for me to go.

Why did I get involved? I know if I stay I will endanger the lives of these people, yet in whatever way thats sick and twisted in my mind I WANT to help.

But as of now have I only caused trouble? Dead, I dream about the ones I have killed and the ones I may kill and there gruesome demise. The way there breath will end by my hands.

Although a painful choice I sewed Dollmaker arms together, she can no longer them. There are tiny pain points running up along my arms now, but maybe pain itself will show Dollmaker what humans really feel when she kills them.

I will make her change, one way or another.

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