Sunday, 29 May 2011

[|Who I am,What my goal is|]

Why am I here?

Well my friend suggested I keep a blog because I have a very busy life(I don't get everything done) and because at 4am I don't do anything much but rot my brain away.

You see I am 16 and have bad insomnia and the doctors have tried everything from sleeping pills to traditional idea's like warm milk to relaxing music to shoving me in a hotel alone for a week end to see if it was family problems(Nope still didn't sleep).

I don't know why I don't sleep I don't have any stresses my family is wonderful, we have our little bickers but we always resolve them. I have good friends I'm generally a happy girl.

Just things that happen, happen for a reason.

I think I'll mainly use this blog for my Inosamatic nights, Inspiring quotes and to keep updated on how I'm doing because I tried keeping a diary I can't seem to remember to write in it.


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