Monday, 30 May 2011



I was prescribed it by my doctor we've tried everything else.
Although I'm not sure If I wan't to sleep, where I haven't slept for so long I'm scared.
I can already feel the drugs kicking in actually, I feel a little bit tired not a lot. I'm scared of going into a sleep and then only seeing darkness, what if I don't dream? Worse what if I sleep walk?.

Maybe its just I'm scared of what I don't know. This drug is a short term drug and I really shouldn't be taking this medication but after talking with high level doctors and actually talking with the government(yes believe it or not we had to go that high just so if anything happens the doc's wont go to court example,I die.

Its all because the drug is meant for adults 18 years of age, not children 16 years of age.
Maybe sleep will be beautiful, I can't remember it, although I know scary things can happen I'm willing too take that risk.

-I_L, 11:47 PM. May 30,2011

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