Tuesday, 31 May 2011

to sleep anymore...will become my nightmare.

The drug's worked, I was knocked out hardly woke up till I felt a stabbing pain in my neck and then woke up crying.

I swear it must have been maybe 2:30 AM although it was hard to tell I woke up In my bed, sore, very sore the left side of my neck ached so badly could no one hear me crying?

I moved slowly out of bed and into my dressing room and turned on the light's, they stung my eyes and looked at my neck, a bruise bad one too, hurt a lot.

It only hurts now If I turn my head the wrong way, my friend saw it, we were sitting at the lunch table talking she moved my hair back, she saw it and I knew she did.

well walking to class she stopped me 'Why is there a bruise on your neck, if your upset about something tell me'.
I did, I told her 'I woke up and it was there...'.

Nothing else was said, what else could I say?
I will not sleep again, now I have a reason to stay awake who could have done this?
why would they...

I don't think I'll sleep anymore with my own free will...
I don't see why people love sleeping, horrible, horrible, horrible!

I'll create my own little daytime lullaby, so I can be at peace and relaxed...Maybe then I wont need to sleep.


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