Sunday, 29 May 2011

Mythical creatures and Me

8:45 PM
I LOVE mythical creatures.

One site I use to visit a lot was Although last night was the first time in a year I have visited it.

I decided to visit the fictional creatures page although all together there is only 22 on that one page. I myself have only really looked at 3-4 of them, maybe I'll look at more later on maybe it'll give me something to do Haha.

Did I mention I write poetry and I walk a lot, I went for a walk today it was pouring rain so I got really wet. I was looking on YouTube for some good music I enjoy Requiem for a Dream a lot so I finally got it onto my Ipod.

I also love Miku Hatsune.

10:53 PM
(sorry I left but didn't just wanna post this so i kept it open and came back up at this time)

It's dark out now I think the rain also died out but it's foggy, I was never fond of the fog it's just eerie epically when the street lights turn on and its dark out. 
I have school tomorrow, only 1 week left till exams i'm excited that schools almost done! I'll also be 17 soon then next year ill be graduated Uh its all so scary yet...somehow..exciting.

I'm sleepy..maybe just exhausted not sleepy, no maybe I am sleepy....I think its..I just can't sleep.
I'm going to study my Japanese for as longs as I can tonight..Then read the Bible...maybe try some camomille tea, maybe warm milk watch a little bit of TV.

I have a feeling it will all fail which case my final option at 2:30 am would be to research mythical creatures.  

Outta curiosity who knows anything about something called 'slender man' ?
it was the second last creature on the list of 22 creatures I haven't clicked the link yet but I wanna know if I should.

ah well.

Its 11:16 time to study Japanese....
                                                                 I might post tomorrow morning if I'm not gone for a walk.

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