Monday, 30 May 2011

Insominatic children dream too...

Just differently from children that sleep we dream well awake we have more of a chance to see everything in a new light.

Of course I keep something called a dream diary, less or more of a 'memory diary' it keeps some of my past dreams from when i was 15

I guess I should also mention that the last two entries are from my diary.

Those two entries are from about a year ago(Give or take), I know a lot about the slender man actually..well now i do, maybe too much in much that I've literally been attacked by one of his proxies.

That damn proxy, stood there acting so innocent from back on he looked like a 15 year old boy who was, like me, walking early in the morning.

He turned around and his mask, at that moment I knew I was screwed, his mask was white with an X running through it both eyes were black and the lips were turned into a smirk.

I ran. I ran.I ran.I ran.I ran.I ran.I ran. and I just kept running until I passed out, I woke up in my bed room with a note in my hand's.

'found you'

Yes I know about the slender man because I kept looking, since last year June birthday I turned 16.
so sue me for being in love with made up creatures, like Hoso and M and everyone else I have to keep going.

Even if It kills me I would rather be killed by slender man then by suicide

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