Monday, 30 May 2011

June 19,2010

I clicked on the link last night at 3:45 AM. The very first thing I saw was a faceless creature and it caused my heart to jump. I exited out of the window and shut my computer screen for about half an hour.

the slender man. A tall faceless creature, I reopened the computer and went back onto the site, why? Why would I do such a thing maybe it was because I was just frightened at first yet...this creature, it, intrigued me.
Therefor I kept looking at it, although that website didn't give me as much information as I would have liked on this slender man.

Although I felt like I had seen him before, maybe when I was younger oh if only I had better memory what a pain.
anyways I looked for other site's, yes this is the first time I looked into any creature any deeper, just because this one really got my attention.
I found a website that gave me a lot of information, this got me excited, it also had a list of something called 'slenderblogs'.
what a strange name, I wonder if it's just a bunch of role plays.
Oh if it was I would become so excited! I like role playing for a long time I wanted to do a LARP.
A few names caught my attention so I bookmarked them, most are on blog spot so if I really like them I might follow.
Though if people are like to serious into this that's weird because this can't exist.
Although people are weird like that, make things up to scare people, and that's all that this is a made up story meant to scare people.

10:52 PM

Done my bath, I decided to start checking some of the blogs, most of them are really good I like A breeze in the Monochrome night the most.

Also anonymous here & M's the tutorial.

Thought these people are taking it all to seriously, It's kinda scary.
I only read a few post, mainly because I have to study for school exams.

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