Saturday, 8 October 2011

I love you

I know what happened between Lullaby and I may seem a bit confusing, I’ll explain in as simply as I can. 

From the beginning until a few days ago, Lullaby was writing, it was not me, Lullaby was writing the blog entries, Lullaby was the one who meet you all, Lullaby was the one running. I was, as you know me as, Dollmaker, DM, guess it may be confusing as DM has always stood for DeMii, too bad Lullaby could not remember that and had to give me a name like Dollmaker. And now I’m back, now it’s DeMii.

I thought maybe I should clear it up.

My baby is kicking now, I found out that it really is a girl, my baby’s a girl.

Doc has been my main comfort, and that’s all I’ve been around with, just him, I want to comfort him more so then anyone. I wish we could cuddle, but my belly is contently getting in the way, stupid belly. I want my baby, Lullaby, to have a great life.

I walked in with Doc after having lunch, I didn’t even say anything I just grabbed onto his hand and squeezed tightly. Slender man, Slender man, Slender man. I’m allowed to be angry if he hurts anyone I’ll..I’ll, I fight with my bare hands and kill him.

Kill him? What am I saying? I’m only a human the most I can do right now is protect the ones I love from that monster. Doc I want to protect you I love you so much, I know this all is scary, but I’m here.

“I love you…you know that right?”


“You know I will always love you, no matter what, right?”

He smiled and held me tightly, and I smiled as softly as I could and kissed him, Doc I want to be here to comfort you forever. But even I know forever is impossible, just something we say because some of us think were invincible.

But I will love you until I die, I promise you that.

I stayed with him all day, my hand never left his, I wanted to make sure he knew I was here for him. No matter what he thinks, even if he goes crazy, even if he thinks he’s insane and don’t want me no more….

I’m still going to be here.

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  1. I'm glad you two talked about this. And I'm glad that you two kept strong. If anyone can make something like this work, it's you two.