Tuesday, 4 October 2011

/Coming Clean\

I guess I should come clean, I really should, and this will probably kill me if I don’t. Mystery, Shady, Doc, Trinity, Tim, Lucas, everyone please listen.

I lied.

I’m not Lullaby, I played as her, I played the part good did I not? You all believed me, it was blissful. You all know me as a ‘monster’ or ‘something evil’, I assure you I am not please don’t fear me, let me explain my story.

I am Dollmaker.

I am the original I guess you may call it ‘owner’ of this body; well the young lady you all know as Lullaby was and still is in fact the proxy. At 11 Lullaby’s powers became so overwhelming that she could not hold it back and would take control of my body at random times and even without her consent she would kill innocent people. She was generally a dormant proxy only coming out to protect me; slowly she became very hostile and would just come out for blood.

Gradually she gained more and more control and was soon able to hold control for weeks on end, I can’t remember what happened, I just remember HIM, the slenderman standing there pointing at us, pointing at me.

I was dormit for a long time, lullaby had been switched with me, but had lost all memories of her proxy like state. There is a difference between being asleep and being dormant, well dormant I am awake I see, feel, touch, smell everything she does, the only thing is I rarely did anything about it. A new power surged within me I had everything lullaby couldn’t deal with, it was overwhelming, un controllable somehow I was able to hold it back keep it at a low level.

Until recently, those attacks were not of me, they were truly just of Lullaby’s power unable to hold it back like a bloodthirsty demonic creature it would lash out and find someone, anyone worth killing and to it everyone was worth killing.

It’s hard to explain the unspeakable evil that it was, that it still is, like pure darkness, darkness not even the brightest light can cut through, it’s the darkness that whispers to you that calls to you it’s the fear it’s the hate the envy the rage that flows from within you.

And Lullaby couldn’t hold it back, and I couldn’t hold it back. And that’s what proxy’s were trying to do, was kill her so nothing bad would come of this, but bad things did come of this, innocent people were killed and hurt, there are so much more people that were killed that only I know of:





The numbers stayed steady once Mystery put me into a doll. The only problem, Mystery, is that once you did that her powers were not able to stay inside the tiny body you had given me, and so slowly, ever so slowly they leaked out back into Lullaby’s mind, she had dreams and visions of things of her past of everything she had done and most of all of her past life.

So was so scared to tell you. But when you suffer nightmares like she did would you not to be scared?
I have decided to name my child Lullaby, it is her, it is Lullaby inside me.

I’m hoping to make things right.

I want things to be ok.


  1. Lull... Doll... I don't know what to call you. I'm coming over right now to talk. You should have come and told me this rather than posting to your blog. You know those MASC S.O.Bs monitor them, and they already tried to hurt your baby once.

    I'm sorry that you had to sit and wait for me to see your post. You must be a nervous wreck.

  2. A-ah I forgot Oh no, I-I'm so sorry!

  3. Gawd. Everything is so screwed up. Talking dogs, Lullaby, no, Dollmaker...I don't even know anymore.

    Dollmaker, I want you to know this: No matter what you've called yourself, no matter what we came to believe, I know that was still you. YOU were the girl who came and played Checkers with me - the girl that was, and still is, my best friend. Lullaby or Dollmaker, YOU are still that girl I love, and...As soon as we return, I promise I'll do everything I can to help you and your baby. Because that's what best friends do.

    I love you. Stay safe.

  4. I... am confused.

    But I agree with what Trinity says... I still love you.

    I need to get this straightened out in my head.

  5. wow......this must be especially hard for proctor.
    pupa is it? Ike, a pleasure.
    listen, you may have lied to all of these people, but im sure they understand. you aren't wrong for fearing that someone would hurt you for being "doll maker" or whatever this image is that has been built. cause form what I've read, its not a positive image.

    stay strong and be honest my dear. i trust you, and im sure they will to.

  6. It's alright, hon. I'd like to discuss things when I get home soon too, just to understand better than reading it on here. Trinity speaks true, we're still here to assist you with the child an the likes. Please be careful, especially with all the stress in your fragile state.

  7. It's OK, DeMii. Just something we have to be careful of. We know people read what we write. MASC are supposedly our allies, but we have to assume even our enemies read what we might prefer to keep secret.