Thursday, 8 March 2012

I haven’t posted in awhile....

And I have a good reason why, YOU try walking in the woods and YOU try finding a good internet connection.

Anyways, I met a girl, after I left our haven....Shady do you miss me? *giggle*.

Her name is Con.

And she’s very pretty, no really, I saw her in the ally and she was in the light first, she caught my eye.

She was tall, and had very pretty skin, not even the kind I wanted to drag my knife into. She also had crystal like eyes; they memorized me and drew me in created a fake world that nothing mattered in.

Beautiful, she had blond shoulder length hair, the kind that naturally shines a brilliant gold no matter what light it was under.

She was dressed in light blue jeans and army boots, she was wearing a white jacket the kind you could see miles away even in a dark night, it had buckles along the waist on and the sleeves. Under the half zipped up coat was a plain black tee, she wore not a thing abnormal she was just...different.

And I told her we had to go on an adventure together.

Anyways she took about 10 minutes to get packed up and we stole her mother’s silver car, drove for miles, as far as whatever was left in the tank would get us.

"Where are you from?" she asked, the first words in almost 40 minutes of radio static and car tires gliding along the black pavement.

"I lived just a few minutes from where you found me" I told her, "I lived with my mother, my aunty and a few strangers i never got to know that well...."

"Why did you leave?" her voice was soft, she seemed like a calm person, but it was those people you should watch out for they tend to be the ones who will hurt you.

"I had to, something happened, I wanted an adventure"

She was quiet again, just focusing on the road ahead of us.

That was a few days ago, we ditched the car a ways back, we ran out of gas quickly, Con decided to drive it into a ditch, she had mommy issues too I guess.

She walked out unharmed and tore her backpack from the backseat.

"Let’s go...." She had already walked past me and into the woods, I hesitated but followed, I don’t want to tell her about the dangers of the woods yet.

Not much has happened; we wondered the woods following a compass and a map, like to children exploring the unknown.

Somehow we got an open connection, in the woods, a connection....weird.
That is where I sat down and wrote this up.

Shady, I don’t know if you give a fuck, but I’m alive, now I challenge you, you said you would find me....well bitch...bring it...find me.

I dare you.

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