Thursday, 29 March 2012

Welcome, to the world in which I live.

Con and I had a run in with Mr. tall dark and friendly, along with a new toy he must have handpicked and she called herself Agony.

Damn the girl anyways, Agony I mean, She was a copy of myself it seemed, aside from our eye colour difference and the shades of pale she coated herself in. Fuck Agony, Fuck her anyway, little copycat, how the hell did she know my name? How the hell does she know Con?

I asked my older friend if she knew anything about the unoriginal proxy that we encountered, Con replied with this:

“Nothing…I have never met her…sorry if I’m not of much help”

“Not of being helpful…it’s of understanding this proxy, I think we can call her a proxy, seems to have something for us…or maybe its just you”

“Thanks…” she replied looking out the window of the bus, I chuckled at her attempt at sarcasm it was cute to say the least.

The next issue is, my disobedience, it seems I am not as tied into Father as I use to be, we had been so close, now since Mystery had removed me from my original body I seem to work on my own accord…

And with this Agony walking around it seems I was replaceable as well, it makes me wonder Shady will you replace me also?

Not that I plan to return to you, ever… besides you do have better things to do rather than search for a girl in your trust, maybe I shall call you up, tell you how I am, do you miss my voice?

Were on a bus, heading somewhere near Canada, I feel this will be a long ride but there happens to be someone, a few someones, on here has internet. I can’t remember how long the bus ride was, but we arrived in another town.
Con got us a room, it had one bed in which she curled up on and was asleep almost instantly, myself on the other hand decided to call my aunt up.


I cleared my throat softly before answering her I looked over to Con, just to make sure she was sleeping. “Shady it’s me….” I cleared my throat again before continuing, “You remember me…yes?”.

I heard her sigh; there was a split second before she responded. “Lullaby” I looked at the chipping wall paper and picked at it slightly. “I visit your mother’s, my friend’s grave every morning. My memory of you is as fresh as it was when you were here”

“Good..very good…” I said leaning down I rested my hands in front of me, I adjusted the phone so it was nestled on my shoulder and ear. “If you’ve been keeping up I’ve found someone…I’m wondering just how hard your searching for me Shady, considering the fact I’m in your care and all” I giggled lightly.

“Found your companions car” There was a pause; it seems she was adjusting something. “Your sloppy, now did you call here to remind me of what I already know? Or is there a point here, child?”

 I breathed heavily as I spoke again. “I hope you have a passport dear” I said empty again. “Con knows what I have done, I called to let you know, you won’t get me even if you track me down and come running after me” I sat upright and closed my eyes. “Everyone left you, your little 'family' it don't exist, hell your little 'friend' who you call my mother didn't even want to be around anymore, see she went and died on you" this time I let out a darker laugh.

"It's cute how your voice has matured yet you haven't in the least. Still saying ignorant shit as if you were some toddler." Shady laughed, her laugh mimicking being just as dark. "Is that supposed to hurt me, Lullaby? It doesn't even sting. You're a little late to the party." She chuckled further before letting out a sigh, her voice lacking given a fuck. "I don't need to run to find you when you pull stupid shit like this, girl. Joshua is tracking my calls, consider your location found." Shady said, her voice crossing between a growl and a chuckle.

I smiled, so this was my amazing aunty? The one I looked up to? Cute. "And you Shady think I am worried?" I cracked my neck. "I wanted to see if you cared...considering the fact I murdered someone so close to you, she considered you her sister, I didn’t mention how she was begging for you to save her yet... and you get so defensive, why would you care lady?" I hummed lightly. "Not like you use to, not when my mother and I met you, not like the day at the park, Desha misses her bed..." my voice deepened again. "I'll probably call again, once we get near Canada, until then Shady..." I let my voice droned out into a whisper, "Stay safe".

"Yes, call back when you grow up a bit, little girl. And realize all your accusations are so selfishly placed. It's not all about you, nor is it me." I clutched my hand into a fist as I heard this “You're the one that needs to stay safe, dove. Auntie will be there in due time." Without even waiting for my good-bye she hung up.
I listened to the beeping for about a minute; I wasn’t scared, nor intimated by her.

Just wondering now, it’s been almost three hours and I still didn’t sleep.

“Con…” I shook her awake and she looked at me tired.

“Sup?” she asked rubbing her eyes.

“We have to head off now…” I replied and she nodded.

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