Thursday, 26 January 2012

It's too late to turn back

The father is not the Doc I knew…..

The father is not the Doc…..

The father is….

I cried I’m sorry about my not being here I guess I have a right to explain, so explain I shall.

Let’s start with the father: Thuggee, that bastard, I can’t tell if he used me but either way this isn’t good. The second I read it, the second I read the words “Lullaby is my daughter” I….excuse this but. FUCK SHES MY BABY AND YOU WILL HAVE NO PART IN HER LIFE!

Why am I being this way? It’s not like me…even as a teenager I should have a better head on my shoulders.

Point two; I’m planning something, for both myself and my daughter. It requires me leaving, far away…and if I leave, I leave everything and I will no longer update my status to the world, I would be presumed dead.
Shit, I shouldn’t have said that.

Maybe I’m just planning on leaving.

“Mother…” Lullaby was standing at my door way, her long black hair fell to one side as she cocked her head, her hands were behind her back, and she looked saddened.

“What is it Lullaby?” She took a deep breath and her white dress moved up and down as she held out her hands, looking away her eyes near tears and in her hands was a sad sight. A small bird, a small blue bird, its throat neatly slit.

Her hands were covered in still drying blood and the birds feathers around its neck were neatly painted the same crimson colour.

“Lullaby where did you find this?”

She pointed outside, towards the forest. “I heard the sound of birds, and got curious, when I went into the forest this birdy was on the ground, can we help it?”

She went beyond the boundary, I looked at her as she studied the small bird, it was still alive its tiny chest in and out at a rapid pace.

I took the bird into my hands, and sadly put on a fake smile. “I’ll see what I can do baby, no go wash your hands   okay?”

Lullaby smile, content now she went away to do as she was told, Sadly I knew the truth I would have to bury the small creature its tiny beaded black eyes glanced at me softly as its life slowly slipped away right in my hands, it’s been a long time since something died in my hands.

I still hate the feeling.

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  1. Honey, if you don't want Thuggee in Lullaby's life he won't be in it. It's that simple.

    We will protect both of you.