Wednesday, 28 September 2011

His breathing was so soft on my face, it ticked but was warm and inviting, I curled closer into Casey and let out my own inviting breath. It was so late, my stomach was killing me, and I could not sleep even with Casey 
right beside me. I went out to get food, I assumed everyone would be sleeping.

I assumed wrong.

As I was collecting cookies I heard footsteps, I turned sharply dropping the cookie that was in my mouth to see a MASC member standing there with a smirk. “No wonder you’re so fat, all you do is eat” Naturally I became upset.

Doc was standing right behind him and tapped his shoulder, had he heard everything? His fist whistled through the air landing correctly against the MASC members face, I ran into the corner and curled up.

Through the darkness I could not see the movements only hear the sound of something breaking and someone crying out. Casey grabbed my hand and I held onto the cookies tighter he sat me on the bed and softly kissed my forehead. “I need a walk” he whispered silently into my ear and left me sitting there with my cookies.

In that one moment, I never felt so….


Please don’t do anything stupid love.

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  1.'s like a disease we can never get rid of. I've...I've a friend now. He can't speak, but he's very kind. In videos we watched...people went out for hours, which was one had to be afraid of Siblings or of Father, or of...Cages. Of death. I wish it was like that here...or there. At least where you are. I just want my Ladies, and...and my Lords (I suppose that would work?) to be happy. I'm so glad, though. So glad you're in love.

    Don't lose it, Lullaby. No matter what, hold onto him, never let him go. I'll...I'll never let you go, either, my Lady. Be strong. You're my best friend in this whole world. God, I miss you so much. Stay alive until I get back, okay?