Thursday, 3 November 2011

Lullaby and happiness?

Lullaby was falling asleep, her eyes slowly closing, making small motions with her tiny lips small bubbles forming, her tiny hands reaching around touching my face.

I put her in the crib to sleep, she was so peaceful breathing in softly, her chest moving slowly, its been awhile since ive updated I’m sorry baby lullaby is so quiet it scares me, I sat by her crib rocking it softly.

“Lay down you head and ill sing you a lullaby, and ill sing you to sleep, bless you with love for the road that you go…”

I got up slowly, my white skirt falling to my ankles, I wrapped my black sweater tightly around my bare arms. She really is beautiful Mystery, I wish you could see her so delicate and small, next thing I know im running.

Blindly running, through the woods, the branches ripping at my clothing, at my skin, I can’t even remember from what all I remember is a voice in my head telling me to run.

I remember the ground crunching under me, forming around my foot and how I twisted my ankle and started to fall, my chest hitting the ground so hard I forgot how to breathe.

When I woke up it was pitch black, I was lost, and it was cold. The cold stabbed me on my bare skin over and over and over its knife gliding over me slicing my bare skin.

All I saw was the darkness, all I could think about was lullaby she would be awake by now, probably crying, but that was the odd thing, Lullaby never cried since her birth, now she just watches you almost as if she sees something.

It’s so weird; you could walk by her crib, make the loudest noise, or wake her up and she will just stare at you, never cry never want to be lifted or fed she just stared at you. I think she smiled once, when she saw a kitten….that was the only time.

I managed to wander back, feeling my way throughout the forest, upon my return I stumbled into the bedroom, lullaby turned her head at the sound of my entrance and stared at me she reached her hand out.

She was hungry.

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